Yesterday was a big day for the state of Ohio, and no, I don’t mean in politics.  The very first Ikea opened in the state, and it was a big deal.  People began camping out Monday at 5am.  And it gets stranger from there.

I never did quite understand those people that waited outside, choosing to use a portopotty, sleep in a tent in a parking lot, and sit out in the cold – these are also the same people that wake up at an ungodly hour to shop on Black Friday.  Sure you might get free stuff, a great deal, or even a free meatball – but is it worth it?  And don’t most people have… jobs, or something that would prevent them from spending 3 days sitting in a lawn chair so that they can get another equally priced chair that they will have to assemble?

I also don’t understand those who never have heard of Ikea or what it’s about.  I am spoiled, growing up about 30 minutes from not one but two stores, though even in college I don’t think I purchased anything from them other than a comforter.  In the numerous blogs and articles that have appeared for this event, there has been a lot of questions just exactly what Ikea is.  I honestly don’t know how anyone can not know at this stage – I thought I was going to be stoned when the location was announced and I was in Cleveland – people took it very seriously.  Sorry friends, you might just have to visit me in order to get your fix.

Also included was a Traditional Swedish Log-Sawing Ceremony.  The jury is still out on this one, as I have a job and missed the opening day festivities, but I’d be curious to see this.  If anyone is going to be having some kind of good luck ceremony soon, let me know.