Someone called me a nerd yesterday. It’s actually true, that is what I am. Right now I’m sitting, it’s 2am, in my dining room with a good friend and fellow music-nerd, listening to different versions of the Rite of Spring in a longer session of music brainstorming. You wouldn’t believe what’s out there. Seriously, there are some deranged people out there. But I love’em. It shows just how awesome music is, how powerful it can be. You’re wondering what versions of the Rite are in existence? I was getting to that. For starters, there’s the four guitar version (with a gratuitous drum), and the Fireworks Ensemble version that’s for flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, violin, cello, electric guitar, and keyboard. Pretty funky, but after a couple minutes, you’re into it. If you’ve heard of a genre called Post Rock you’ll know what I’m talking about. Have you heard of the String Quartet tribute to Arcade Fire? Similar thing. Alright, before this gets too out of control, I’m signing off. If you happen to be up too, listening to versions of Mahler 4 for instance, come over, we can watch the sun rise.