I love a good period film. I love the costumes, accents (only if they are somewhat consistent between actors), big castles, the whole lot, and I do think this is related to borrowing too many videos from the Free Library of Philadelphia, which I think has about 3 different versions Sense and Sensibility available. I find though, that they are not often filmed very well. Maybe it’s because I’m in a small minority target group interested in such movies, but I was disappointed in the overall cinematic effect in Becoming Jane – but I saw The Other Boleyn Girl this evening and was happy to finally see a well-produced movie.

The plot line of this movie is in fact mostly historically accurate, and at the same time really messed up. I won’t go into too many details for fear of ruining anyone who may have slept through 6th grade Social Studies – I’m pretty sure I might have – but the pairing in relationships is at time ridiculous, true, and reminiscent of dating in the music world. A few fun facts not in the movie:

When Henry VIII died, his only legitimate male heir, Edward VI became king. Eddie’s mum was Jane Seymour, Henry’s 3rd wife after Anne Boleyn. Henry’s 5th wife, Catherine Howard, was first cousins to the Boleyns. Henry met his 6th wife, Catherine Parr, in the court of Mary, the daughter of his first wife, Katharine of Aragon, whom had previously been married to Henry’s bro Arthur. The final Catherine had fallen in love with Thomas Seymour, Jane’s brother. After Edward died, Jane Grey, the great granddaughter of Henry VII ruled for about 9 days before Mary, daughter from the first marriage claimed the throne and had Grey executed. Mary died, leaving the throne to Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn.