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It is that time of year, when both Ixi and I are off touring different parts of the world.  Tomorrow the CSO departs for a three week gallivant of Europe, mostly Germany and parts of of Spain.  I have packed myself, a ridiculous amount of shoes and portable library to NYC where I am spending the week at the Metropolitan Opera.

My day included a lot of bowings, piano rehearsals for Satyagraha and tours, and the inevitable wandering in stairwells.  Is the library on B level of C level?  Is it one story down from the stage or two?  Where is the pit?  I can proudly say that I didn’t get lost – a first for everything.  My colleagues were warm and welcoming, and along with my host family (who made me fresh espresso to start my day), I can tell this is going to be a fabulous week.

I was fortunate to score prime seats to see Prokofiev’s The Gambler – which was interesting.  The orchestra is amazing, the singers spot-on – but I was not prepared for the pyrotechnics that accompanied this production.  Something to be seen, who doesn’t love a good opera with large casts and bright pretty lights, but read the program notes otherwise the some of the symbolism might get lost.

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