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Welcome to the world, baby Eila!!
Congratulations to new parents Bharat and Anne Chandra…. kisses go out to you three 🙂

parlez-vous pas le Francais?

les photos

I had to visit home of Vandoren, on the famous rue Lepic in Montmartre

Home of the Hofbrauhaus (sigh, the original one, you guys, is NOT in Kentucky ok?) Munich offers views like this one.

ah… I love my fellow orchestra colleagues…

Our guy to German hotel staff lady: “Hey, check my iphone out”

She: “Oh that’s nice.”

He: “Isn’t it cool?”

She: “Ja, cool.”

He: “Do you guys have these over here?”

She: “Um…ja.”

He: “Really? You’ve seen it before?”

She: “Ja, actually you moron, we can get ours for 99Euro and not change service plans.”

Ok so I might have embellished that last line a bit. But you get the jist of it.

In Germany, getting caught giving the bird will cost you 1000 Euro.

Getting caught making the sign of “idiot” to another will cost you 800 Euro.

Speeding, after the 20kph over the limit forgiven you, will cost you ….ready for it?….

…40 Euro.

It’s all about priorities.

The first heffeweisen for us (eine kleine for me)

The most confusing thing about the Met is not figuring out which Turandot version will be used during the season but rather, how does one get to the cafeteria from the library? The building is mostly thought of in 4 levels. There is the stage and street level, the pit level, the library level, and the rehearsal level. There are many more important things on each level I’m sure, but honestly I don’t think I could tell you either what they are or how to get there. Not all stairways lead to all levels, or where you might think you should end up. Bass drums, harp cases, lights, miscellaneous trunks and sets are strewn in various hallways, sometime for me the only indicator as to where I am. The covered xylophone has served as my ‘you are here’ dot, telling me I need to descend one more floor and turn right to enter the library.

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