After traveling from Chicago and Sarasota, we had a Thursday morning brunch in honor of the ladies all being in the same city.  There are a few places for brunching in Cincinnati, and few less on a weekday – but we went to a standby, the Greenup Street Cafe.

I like the cafe a lot; well-brewed coffee, tasty desserts, a strong cheese presence on the menu, outdoor patio, eclectic design, but mostly it’s always such an experience of goodness.   We could tell that it was going to be a leisurely time, but weren’t quite expecting the wait with our order, coffee refills, and eventually food.  After 45 minutes, we finally questioned our waitress whom I believe wasn’t completely conscious, and were told that because of our huge order it would take awhile.  I didn’t think that a couple of eggs and potatoes for four necessitates that, but I was willing to let that go.  But not what happened next.

After our food arrived, Ixi noticed she was missing her sausage.  We had waited so long, and I had to be off to work, that it seemed almost not worth mentioning, but we did, and I think we were all completely unprepared for her answer:  there was a sausage situation.  Looking around, I’d wondered if my wooden ears misheard her – nope, we were all staring at her, and when questioned further, she had no answers, except of course, that the situation was with the sausage, there was a sausage situation.

I’m still unclear what this means, and if anyone can tell me that’d be great to know.  We all still had a wonderful morning, proving that even if you have a situation, with sausage or no, it’s all about the company you keep.