I have learned a great many things in my tenure working for one of (and according to our PR department the) leading Pops orchestra. Sure, some of it is the fun things like what a new pop sensation does when they first walk off stage, strange things that famous bands order in the dressing rooms – but as an individual and librarian, these 2 things I think those of us working in the field can agree with much certainty:

1. Any tune, literally any, can be turned in the a Pops piece, including drum set, synth, guitars, etc. For America’s birthday the program had various versions of all different genres, including Ashokan Farewell (a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite) and I Shot the Sheriff.

2. If you are standing backstage, you will be asked to do almost anything – and expected to do it. This July 4th I carried a flag onstage for the ever popular Armed Forces Medley. While I’m not necessarily Army material, I had a good time. I’ve dressed myself in various embarrassing costumes, herded cloggers, Irish dancers, really the list could go on.