I’ve always said that in going to a large university while getting a music degree afforded me exposure to things I wouldn’t normally have been interested in, and one of those things is jazz. Sure, I took the survey class and quickly learned that most of it I wasn’t such a fan. Of course that didn’t stop me from going to a local Philly club, Warmdaddy, and stepping on-stage and trying to improv during an open mic night. It should be noted that electric viola is probably a poor choice, at least the way I played, and I’m sure the people sober enough to remember the experience are still shuddering at the thought.

I’m not sure where exactly my aversion to jazz originated, probably my mother’s hatred of the sax has been somehow embedded into my genetic makeup, and not knowing much about jazz makes it difficult to sift through all of the it in order to find the good stuff.

So all this contributed to my hesitation to listening to a new album my favorite Finn gave me – I could tell by the dark, moody profile shots on the cover that it was jazz for sure. But he’d done so well in the other selection, I thought I’d be fair.

Upon listening, I was pleasantly surprised, almost shocked by its goodness. Nice arrangements, solid musicality – just the jazz album I would have written for myself. Soon to be featured at the next priscillaneous dinner party.

To get your own and tell your friends – buy the music from artist Jukka Eskola.