In packing for the impending move to Chicago, the boxes and chaos is a very real reminder of the physical and emotional dismantling of my life. It is hard to see one’s life in boxes, but helping to start this new part. In doing so, I’ve had to rethink what I can’t live without, and what will make the list of things that will arrive with me for phase 2.

Previously, I had mentioned a few things very dear to me; the brown betty, my grandmother’s ring, a snow globe, and a few others. In addition, very soon to be Chicago bound – a framed picture of what is priscillaneous, B&H critical edition of Kullervo, photos of my niece, a stack of postcards and letters with words that make me smile, a dressy dress because I can’t let go of being fancy, and finally, a miniature green glass mouse, green for obvious reasons and mouse for obvious reasons, always perched next to my alarm clock being the last and first thing I see.