Lately, I these three questions have been constantly asked of me. Always in the particular order that I’ll give you, the questions point at and underscore what has come to exist in the past four years as a collective mind-set called: priscillaneous, or wendixi, or bebedidi, or what have you.

Question #1. Wendy’s leaving? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!

I don’t know. Cry, pull my hair out, not be able to find my passport, or glasses, or car keys

Question #2. Are you going to find another roommate?

Um… that would imply that Wendy is replaceable, which I will hasten to inform you, she is not. Just as no Chicago clarinetist would be able to replace me.

Question #3. Are you going to get a dog then?

Since Simon really thinks he is a dog, poops outside and comes running when you call him, why would I want real dog who I’ll have to walk and scoop poop from?

Yes, so with the impending abandonment that I will be suffering (Saturday), please send cheese or flowers and not edible fruit in empathy. Please call me, as I will be home alone with the sound of Law and Order in the background and possibly downing a bowl of fried rice. However I must happily remind our faithful friends and readers (and stalkers) that priscillaneous has not met it’s end. As a state of mind, it really cannot die. You will continue to see and read about us, bigger and better, in the larger two state radius of Ohio and Illinois.

For those following the OPfWD, this is officially PHASE 2. Whee!!!!