I have to list my favorite cheese fries separately – they are both equally good and I love them in different ways.

Locale: Aurthur’s, Hyde Park Square

Dish: Loaded fries (no bacon)

With a side of sour cream and ranch dressing, the perfect American fair dish comes out in a hot crock smoldering in cheddar, American, and provolone cheese. It is usually the perfect ratio of cheese-to-frie, and I don’t think I ever been disappointed. It was once fabled that I ate two of these in one sitting. I will neither confirm nor deny.

Locale: Teller’s, Hyde Park Square

Dish: Stag fries (no bacon)

Yes, I’m sure these would be better with bacon, as is everything in life, but the vegetarian in me always turns it down, man I hate her. Anyway, these fries are covered in Vermont white cheddar, topped with garlic malt vinaigrette and chives. Of late they’ve been quite good, although depending on the chef sometimes they are a bit stingy on the cheese, making for one huge mound of fries – I’m sure we can imagine my feelings on that. It is a large serving, and I learned that they really should be eaten in the restaurant and not as carryout, but I’m sure that’s true for most melted cheese dishes.

Honorable Mention…

Locale: Palamino’s, Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati

Dish: Crisp Potatoes Gorgonzola

First of all, these are waffle fries which is always a really good idea. The Gorgonzola cheese is mixed with Alfredo sauce, but the heaviness of the cheese is well-matched to the frie. The menu overall has many good cheese dishes, including a baked macaroni dish – but the best Mac ‘n Cheese, found at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, possibly changed my life .