It wasn’t until today when I dismantled my librarian life did it really hit me that I wasn’t coming back on Monday. Seeing my volumes of nerdy and oh-so-important research books packed in boxes with my special Indian ink pens and Conte Televisions 649’s (ok, that’s actually a fantasy, those pencils are really hard to find) really meant that unlike my belongings at the house, this was not just a remodeling, a readjusting. This is for keeps, for reals.

It is almost inconceivable this is my last night as a resident of Priscilla Lane, the last night thunderpaws will knock on my door to remind me to feed him, the last time I’ll wake with Ixi ready for coffee 3 hours ago and my bedhead an embarrassment, or a slew of other things that make priscillaneous tick.

In all this, I know I have been very lucky, and I’ve known this the entire time I’ve been here, and I’ve known it because of the amazing people that are my family, who’ve profoundly changed my life without even knowing.