After what has been almost an impossible ordeal, my sarcastic optimism has returned – but not without the help of my friends and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my personal angels that saved my life during it.

There is Dwight and Patrick, the dynamic duo, making sure I didn’t have to reverse the U-Haul truck and expertly packed it, so everything arrived unbroken and unscratched; Mr Jon Weber, in addition to being my own personal Zagat guide, helped rescue Neon out of hock; Jonathan Gunn, for not only the brute strength of lifting the heavy boxes, but reminding me to take deep breaths, and reassuring me that it will be ok; and Jennifer Gunn, who unfortunately was usually the one to see me right after some kind of trauma, and always had something to offer me, either a real bed, wine, a hug from a puppy, or 800 olives.

And as always, the IxiBean, who rode by my side in the truck, always knew what to say at just the right time, and in general, being the rock in my life.

Thanks loves, I couldn’t have done it without you.