Pandora is partly to blame for my introspective take of late. Listening to our work medley, my Death Cab for Cutie station made it on to the quick mix, meaning my day is sprinkled with poignant ballads of the emo world. A fav of the station’s has been ‘Falling‘ by Ben Kweller, a catchy lil’ number, and not so depressing that it would make one jump out the window into the Chicago River.

<insert obvious segue> So continuing with my pandora-induced haze, I’ve been thinking about falling in love quite a bit lately. There seem to be two ways of doing – the oopsidahh I’m accidentally in love when I’m in the middle of it how did I get here kind, or the other, when you know the exact moment it happens. This morning, it was the latter.

There I was, the morning sun just barely poking the loft, and I started stirring thinking of the impending toils, and my motions did not go unnoticed. I’d barely made a sideways glance, the posturepedic jostled noticably and I looked down to see his head resting on my belly, big dark eyes looking up at me, expecting me to fulfill his every wish. And I did just that. At 7:13AM, I fell in love with Brodie, promptly feeding him his scoops of Iams and taking him for his morning walk.