In honor of Google launching a new web browser chrome, I thought I’d celebrate all things google. It’s no secret I fully endorse the gmail, I even have gchat on my phone, along with google search. I exclusively use google maps after mapquest lead me astray on my way to a funeral in South Jersey. My latest obsession would of course have to be the reader, which constantly updates my rssess.

So, if you want to know what I’m reading, besides actually catching up on the New Yorkers on the 134Express, these are my faves –

The arts: artsjounal, thinkdenk, ionarts, TheRestIsNoise, IllicitCulturalPorperty

The opera: intermezzo, OperaTattler, mostlyOpera, LaCieca

From Friends: jobonga, cheeseRind, youSHOULDN’TwearThat, ThirteenWays

Laughs: cakewrecks, ROCKontheCTA, xkcd

Geek: OrwellPrize, mentalfloss, molskinerie, penciltalk (my favorite)

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from Intermezzo….