the a.m. stream of consciousness of a long 3 hours

7:00 Le sigh. Morning already? I feel like I just fell asleep, oh wait, I think I did. I wonder how longer I can hit snooze. Aww, Brodie is so cute sleeping next to me, but he sure does snore loudly.

7:15 Gah! I need another 15. What is that? wha – I wonder how a dog gets his paw caught in my hair, that’s a bit sad, but the bedhead is legendary.

7:30 Oh it doesn’t look so good outside today. Ok Brodie, a glass of carrot juice and we’ll go out. I don’t even know if I like carrot juice, but it was the way to start the day at Priscillaneous and that turned out well for me. Bottoms up.

7:33 It’s raining? Ugh. Why is it so cold? I wish I had another pair of shoes other than flip-flops.

8:40 Ok, time for your walk Bud. It’s an ugly day, so if you speed up your business, it’d be better for everyone. Well, mostly me, but you’ll be less wet. And cold.

8:54 Who’s a good boy? Wow, I think it’s getting colder. I’m not even near the lake right now, where is that breeze coming from? I wish I had some real shoes. And that the puddle wasn’t so deep

9:09 Whew, just in time for the bus. I’m going to have to fix that Carmen excerpt today. And finish those PV books. Looks like I have a lot of Board emails to return. I still have to buy my ticket to DC, goodness that is only a few weeks away! And there’s going to be a new ity bit when I’m there. I wonder what they’ll name her, my vote is for Lena. Or would it be spelled Leena?

9:23 CTA seems to be behind today. Where’s my bus? I wish this rain wasn’t blowing horizontally.

9:25 Another #3! Seriously? Well, I’m glad it’s raining harder.

9:37 Curse you Gustav. You’ve officially ruined my hair today.

9:42 Oh! I’ve been pre-approved for an advanced copy of Xavier Escobar’s new book, My Life as a Footnote. Sweet! Thank you crackberry updates. Hmm. Wow. My entire pants from the knee down are soaked.

9:46 I wish the republicans didn’t use phrases like “children of God” in their NRC speeches. It sounds quasi cultish. Another #4?

9:50 I suppose I should tell John that God is now smiting me and I’m not even close to getting to work. I can’t feel my feet. It’s raining harder now. Awesome. If I’d walked I’d be there by now.

10:09 All right, it’s been officially an hour and not one #1 bus. It might be time to call it – now I have to get my sad self to an ATM in order to get a cab – this morning is getting better.

10:17 I know as soon as I leave this stop it’ll show up. Is that it? I’m done with this.

10:26 Now to find a cab in the rain, and with cash in hand hopefully it wo- ooo, a Dunkin’ Donuts. That will definitely make me feel better. Not dryer, but happier.

10:32 Do you know the Lyric Opera building on Wacker? Take me there.

10:52 I’ve never been so happy to arrive at work. Le sigh.