The recent dip in temperatures has started the leaves turning their fall shades of gold. In the sunroom where I practice, my view is of the gentle landings of these golden leaves.  Simon sometimes walks by, or rolls on his back sunning himself, or perches on the railings of the deck. Today, as I was loving the weather turning fall, Simon came walking by as usual… but this time he had a little present for me in his mouth.  Gah! It was alive.  “SI – MON!  Put. That. Down !!  He dropped it. It froze.  Simon, poised over the creature, threatened to bite into it, but I threw open the door before it was too late, and I had to watch as Poor Chipmunk bled to death.  “SI – MON!  Ok, honey, why don’t you come inside?  Thank you SO MUCH for the little present, I love it. You’re such a thoughtful kitty.”  Stepping closer, I inspected Chipmunk for teeth marks, gashes, broken limbs. Relieved to find that there was indeed no blood or guts spilling forth, and all it suffered was a bit of shock, I urged it to run.  Why do creatures freeze in place when panicked?  After 5 minutes passed, Chipmunk finally unfroze and scurried away. I wanted to tell him he didn’t really blend into the leaves or the deck and not to think he was a chameleon next time death in the form of Simon stared him in the face. Because I might not be there to save him next time.