There is one, and only one thing, that I despise about living in a city, and that would be of course – cockroaches.  Mice and spiders don’t seem to phase me, snakes even, but there is something about these things that really freak me out.  Especially when they are the mutant kind that are ghastly large.  Like the two I’ve found in my apartment.

The first one, (Ixi’s suggestion I should name, so we’ll call him Larry), appeared in the bathtub.  After I tried to get the yelling to stop and realized it was coming from me, I grabbed a can of hairspray.  Over the next thirty minutes I sprayed Larry, covered him in bleach and anything else I could find, and even pleaded with him to go away, finally he gave in after I immobilized him (he was actually hairsprayed to the bottom of the tub).  I couldn’t fall asleep for hours after the battle.

Tonight, Ichabod was a bit bolder than his friend, making his  way into my living room.  Clearly I had to lay it down, and by it, I mean the hairspray.  After the first incident I knew I wouldn’t have enough hairspray for my poof and another visitor, and after attending the Lulu opening night my spray options were limited on the way home, meaning that no place that was open had any.  Clearly I couldn’t go home empty-handed, and hairspray worked pretty well the last time, so I figured I get the most toxic thing I could find, which interestingly was the cheapest as well.  Turns out, and I didn’t know this already, that Aquanet is still manufactured.  It’s one of those legendary beauty items, once the rage but you forget that you can find it some place other than the Smithsonian – and of course who buys it?

I do.  I’ll probably be buying it in bulk since I hear apartments near the lake are prone to them.  Ichabod’s time came much quicker, I think because of the higher toxicity.  If you’re looking for it at your neighborhood store, it’s usually shelved next to the Jean Natte.