Sometimes during fits of sleeplessness I randomly add things to my rss feed.  I don’t actually remember signing up for Pen and Paper, and I’m pretty sure I did because I thought it was about … stationary and the like.  I think, perhaps, that may have been too literal.  I like the poems from mr. blueknight, possible proof that romance isn’t dead.  Or at least romanticized ideals, and I can get on board with that.

I locked my self in my room, Just to write you letters and poems, So no one can hear me, no one can see, While I’m crying, while I’m smiling, I’m surrounded by thick walls, Lying on the papers on my bed, With tears of pain with them, Brain and heart were frozen by your name, I cried every night until I fall asleep, Wishing that you were here, I wish every time for the answer, That I long to here someday, Let me tell you this my girl, That your three letter answer, Can complete the whole me, And that can make me feel so happy, Please tell me what I need to do, To got the three little letter from you, Do you want me to bend my knee? For us, so we can be “we,” Or do you want me to die and live again, Please tell me, I’m suffering from pain, Ask what I need to do, and I’ll begin, Just don’t tell me, that you don’t love me, Because for the three little letters, I’ll do all the impossible things, Not just moving the mountains, Or even fly without wings, Please hear the echo’s of my psalm, Wishes and prayers for you, I just want to be with you, Because I really love you so, Just for the three little letter answer, That completes me, when I hear