As a hip urban dweller, out of necessity I’ve begun carrying a large bag, my mobile fortress of solitude in case, just in case I’m slobbered by a puddle, I need to pick up groceries on my way home, or anything else unforseen  that I might encounter between my home and other home, the library.  What’s in my bag, in no particular order:

pencil sharpener, sunglasses, earmuffs, mints, mp3 player, umbrella, keys, comb, business cards, wedge of port salut, wallet, cta pass, pencil case of  portable library, rosebud salve, MOLA top-secret board documents, expandable shopping bag, Lyric ID and keys, extra set of gloves, moleskine, pair of red  round toe t-strap wedge heels, bag of girly things including 5 different kinds of lip goss, and of course the blackberry.

Boy Scouts got nothin’ on me.

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