I am a fierce taboo competiteur, or so I thought. I realized, though, that perhaps my communication is only as good as those who speak the same language. My clues in order to get team guess a word, without me saying obvious related words:

‘Greenline’  <no response>
‘Tosca’  <no response>
‘Buffet’  <no response, blank stares>
‘Seriously? Selmer is so last season’  <cricket chirps>
‘Van Doren’  <no response>
‘no one plays on Backun, how are you not getting this?’  <tumbleweed rolls by>
‘Sweet Jesus. Ok, how about Stanley Drucker? Lawrie Bloom? John Bruce Yeh? Benny Goodman? Really? Nothing?  <silence>
‘Ok, this section sits next to the bassoons, you must get this’ <flutes?>
‘Sigh. Behind the flutes, through the tree…’

*photo from Flickr, MollyAdventures’, all rights reserved