I’ll admit it:  I steal friends.  I do.  Can I help it if my awesome friends have other awesome friends?  To date, no one has really seemed to mind, and I think I’ve stolen a fair amount of Whitney’s.  I’ve coveted David, and now I have my Joanna.

Really, in truth, we should be friends.  We have so much in common.  The most obvious is that we are both librarians, and therefore have an affinity for cardigans, and other librarianesque things that I can’t tell you about, because you wouldn’t understand.  And I know I have officially won her over as I received a Valentine from her, in the form of a felt coffee sleeve with mustache decal.  It’s awesome.  And reversible.

I tried it out at the CE this weekend whilst in Cincinnati for the big holiday, proudly displaying my ‘stache.  I did get some comments, but they were more about why I was holding my coffee cup oddly rather than on the actual sleeve itself.  Anyways, I love it, I love Joanna, and I’ll love it when she’s selling them on etsy.

and J, I’ll gladly cash any check you write, even if it’s with your mouth.