Comparatively, I wouldn’t say I’m extremely well-traveled.  Sure, I’ve been hosteling through parts of Europe, toured in China, and vaca-ed in Turkey, but compared to my friends that travel for weeks to fun (and sometimes less-fun) places for work or play, I’d say my wanderlust is more lust than wander.

I completed a freelance project for my Sir Music Director a few weeks ago, one that took over every aspect of my life – a little thing I call Schumann 3.  As I prepared to send it off to the orchestra in Budapest, I thought, how funny – I have spent hours and weeks on projects, on sets of music, that will travel the world many times over.  These sets of mine, my labors of love, will be in the greatest of cities, on the greatest stages, with the greatest musicians, in the greatest performances.  I don’t mind that this will go unnoticed – I just hope to join them someday for a few of the highlights.

On a related note, wendy, ink is official as of today.  Official to the IRS since I’m doing my taxes, that is.  I officially own my own business.  Which means my first audit is right around the corner…