When I first moved in to priscillaneous, it took a solid 2 years for Simon and I to bond – mostly because I had other small furries that were vying for my affection and doing very bad things for my attention.  But not soon after we had, I found at times he played hard to get, and therefore I had to force him to love me a little, usually by shutting him in my room – pets without opposable thumbs are easy marks.

Forced love looks a bit like this;forced-love

Today I sent a score overnight, to Hungary because why not, for my Sir Maestro – and even though he forgot the scores to the set of parts I on which toiled the better part of January, including a lot of sleepless nights, I still couldn’t be mad.  All he’d have to do is wink and say ‘right-o’ and he’d win me over again.  At times you almost feel held hostage by them, they sneak in through the soft underbelly and force you to love them, maybe just a little against your will.  I’ve learned a lot from my maestros, like that Kullervo is a  masterwork, how to mix the perfect martini, most arguments can be won with a wink and a smile, you can’t fake meter changes in Petrouchka, and if you call me the cheeky librarian, the cute librarian, or even just the nice librarian, you will win my affection.

And Simon, I am sorry for forcing you to love me, but … I’m not going to stop.