Priscilla is ready for winter and your visit.  Drives are sealed and leaves are at long last blown down into the gulch. Your room is waiting and so are the cheesy fries at Arthurs.  The O’s keep a lot of crazy going on, terrorizing toilet paper rolls, playing with feet, eating plants, and the poor red sofa is taking even more of a beating. Sometimes I think I see Simon outside.

The CE’s awesomeness has not dimmed. Do you know they are going to do a “cupping” for cn, for a cn blend?  Tony mentioned “full bodied, nutty, with a bright edge”. I think for sure nutty.

And of course the family you left on Elm St will be super excited to see you too. Don’t let them force any snowman costumes on you, though you might wax nostalgic long enough to let them try.

Til then,