Last week three boys moved in. Two tow headed under 4-ft, and one much taller, a looker. Laura, and Wendy, your room now has a bunk bed, mini chairs, a mini poang, table and lots of toys. And, we get up very early in the morning.  Little Monkey and Big Monkey are superheroes in my life, literally. Has anyone heard of Ultraman? Not only am I brushing teeth and ‘helping’ at the toilet, I am getting a basic course in comic books, characters, and which is Marvel and which is..not.

Anyway, there is really too much cute sweetness in this house now; in addition to the four fur balls it is like a explosion of CUTE.

We’ve donated to the Adam and Goodwill but I’m still staring at loads of things-that-need-to-be-dumped-or-filed-or-put-in-a-place (read attic). Maybe most of it will be cleared in time for our bbq sunday.  The basement is coming along, wouldn’t you say T? He is particularly devoted and excited about the man cave that will soon be his domain.

As some friends have asked, and I’ve wondered…sharing space is actually going great, the house loves it and so do I. Now three more can call priscillaneous Home.