I will keep the original “about” down below, but update it to include what’s going in now, at the end of 2010.

The herd. It’s a full house on Priscilla, non-stop since september when they all moved in. The posts have become far and few between since wj moved north, but we hope to find the life balance to start again the one-a-day photo promise of 2007.

The original about
Here at 1110 Priscilla Lane we are happy you stopped by. It’s a new year and if it’s going to be anything like the last two, hang around for another round of hilarity, fun and gobsmacking good times. Wendy and Ixi (aka DLPs, aka OPQs, aka the SN) will have one story, one photo per day of 2007 posted to this site to share all the funness with our favorite friends and those accidental ones we pick up along the way too. We are already a couple days behind… Ok ok, if it’s something you should know about us, we are good on our word, it just comes later than perhaps expected, but it will come. Anyway, visit us often, here and at our real place, and soon “you’re pretty”, “seriously”, “mancard”, ” lil’bit”, “sss-sss-sss” and “blechhhh” will also be in your daily vocabulary. You might also pick up a wicked laugh, and a cruel sarcastic side, and start to fear the EofJ. You’ll also meet such characters as patchycakes, zobu, orbu, sibu, mibu and the Beans. Our categories say it all: furry friends, non furry friends, nothin’much, play and work.